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September 17th, 2019

A good start to find out about the required code changes to get rid of fedmsg in favour of fedora-messaging is to check the changes that are already done in other components. For example waiverdb

Apart from some changes to the tests, the required code change boils down to creating a msg with a new format and then pushing it to the message bus with 'publish' from fedora_messaging.api instead of 'fedmsg.publish'

-                 fedmsg.publish(topic='waiver.new', msg=marshal(row, waiver_fields))
+                 msg = Message(
+                     topic='waiverdb.waiver.new',
+                     body=marshal(row, waiver_fields)
+                 )
+                 publish(msg)

OFC exceptions need to be modified slightly, too, but altogether this seems pretty straightforward.

-             except Exception:
-                 _log.exception('Couldn\'t publish message via fedmsg')
+             except PublishReturned as e:
+                 _log.exception('Fedora Messaging broker rejected message %s: %s', msg.id, e)
+                 monitor.messaging_tx_failed_counter.inc()
+             except ConnectionException as e:
+                 _log.exception('Error sending message %s: %s', msg.id, e)